After years of student organizing, Carleton University is now allowing students, staff and faculty to use their preferred first names (PFN) on a range of internal documentation. The GSA believes that this change benefits many members of the Carleton community who identify with names other than their legal or official names first provided to the university. For some students and employees, preferred names are an important component of their identity. This new practice is outlined within an update to Carleton’s Change of Name Policy.

PFNs can be submitted through Carleton Central and will then appear on the following documents:

  • Campus Card
  • CU email
  • MyCarletonOne
  • Class lists / grading systems
  • cuLearn
  • myAudit results
  • Banner

This is a welcome update to the name change policy that students have been working hard to achieve for several years.

The university has acknowledged that there may be some unexpected problems with the implementation of this new policy and the GSA welcomes feedback regarding people’s experiences with the policy to use in our ongoing discussions with senior administration.

Contact: Theo Hug, Vice-president External,

Equity statement: The GSA fosters an anti-oppressive environment free from prejudice, discrimination, and violence.