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University Centre (UC) Fee

Graduate students voted overwhelmingly in March and September 2014 to directly administer $100K in graduate student fees for student services on campus, rather than transferring that money to be administered by an unaccountable and irresponsible CUSA.

In October 2014, the GSA executive presented Senior Administration with a proposal for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the GSA and Carleton that would allow the GSA to administer all GSA fees as per the referendum.

So far, Carleton’s Senior Administration has chosen to ignore these referendum results, and have insisted that the GSA has no choice but to continue to transfer money to CUSA. Even worse, Senior Admin have repeatedly interfered with and threatened the fees collected on behalf of the GSA in an effort to create duress and force the GSA to disregard the democratic will of its membership. Carleton is currently withholding hundreds of thousands of graduate student dollars that would otherwise fund services for graduate students.

Kitiganensag – GSA Community Garden

In late 2013, Carleton’s Senior Administration notified the GSA that they would be forcibly displacing the Community Garden after only one growing season to facilitate the construction of a new private residence.

Although the Senior Admin had made a commitment to relocate the garden, they have so far been stalling the process: unwilling to meet and approve the next steps, and unresponsive to our inquiries. With the completion of phase 1, that included the relocation of the raised garden beds and shed, it appears that the Senior Admin thinks that the relocation is complete. However, the current state of the garden is nowhere near comparable to the quality of the original garden, and there are remaining concerns about accessibility.

The GSA exec and staff are working hard to ensure that this relocation is completed, and hope that the garden will be ready for a 2015 growing season.

Gender Neutral Washrooms

Trans and gender-nonconforming students experience violence and microaggressions on campus. The Challenge Transmisogyny and Heteronormativity Committee is calling on the Board of Governors and Carleton University to ensure all new buildings have fully accessible, gender neutral washrooms and that the name change policy better reflect the needs of students.