The GSA Vice-President External, Theo Hug, has provided the GSA Executive with a notice of resignation for personal reasons. Theo has been an incredible member of the GSA executive and an asset to the organization. His enthusiasm and hard work will be missed. On Friday October 16, 2015 GSA Council approved a motion to accept the resignation, thank Theo for his hard work, and to schedule a by-election for the November meeting of Council.

We are accepting nominations now. If you are interested in running for this position, please submit a brief biography and statement of interest to Vidushi at by noon on Monday November 9. These statements will be circulated to GSA Councillors for consideration before the November 13 meeting. Candidates are also expected to attend council on November 13, beginning at 6 PM, to speak to Council and answer any questions. The meeting will be held in the same room (Senate chambers, Robertson Hall)

Below are the duties of the VP External as presented in the GSA By-Laws. This position is approximately 20hrs/week and candidates are expected to balance the job with school and any extra curricular responsibilities. The Executive are available to meet with anyone who is interested, to answer questions about the position and the roles and responsibilities of the Executive, or the GSA more generally.

Section 4:  Vice-President External

a) The Vice-President External generally shall be responsible for matters external to the GSA.

b) The Vice-President External shall be responsible for maintaining communication with groups external to Carleton University, including local governmental bodies, local resident associations and national/provincial student associations of which the GSA is a member.

c) The Vice-President External shall maintain a liaison with student associations and other organizations on campus, including Service Centres.

d) The Vice-President External shall normally be responsible for coordinating the representation of International graduate students.

e) The Vice-President External shall be responsible for the GSA’s media relations.

f) The Vice-President External shall, with the Vice President Operations, coordinate Grad Welcome Weeks.

g) The Vice-President External shall act as one of the five signing officers of the GSA.

h) The Vice-President External shall share with the President the responsibility of overseeing the production of all publications, including, but not limited to, the GSA web site, Student Handbook and Agenda.