The Graduate Students’ Association welcomed news last week from Carleton University that the senior administration has decided not to sign an agreement with Access Copyright, a licensing agency that has rights to and administers copyright licenses for an unknown repertoire of copyrighted works.

In early May, the GSA circulated an open letter to the Carleton community expressing our concerns over the proposed model license agreement with Access Copyright. That letter contains details on what an agreement would have looked like. However, this decision means that students, staff, and faculty at Carleton can continue to develop and engage with emerging and innovative ways of addressing copyright issues on campus. The GSA has been a strong supporter of Open Access publishing and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Library on this.

Lastly, as students and knowledge producers we must make efforts to learn about matters such as Open Access, copyright, and fair dealing. In the coming months, the GSA will be working with campus partners to engage with the Carleton community to provide materials and educational opportunities relating to copyright matters. If you would like to help out with this project or any other campaigns please contact