This year the Federal government is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, and has committed $500, 000, 000 for various events and celebrations. Meanwhile for many Indigenous communities, essential social services are chronically underfunded, and require immediate support to alleviate the hardship and suffering of crisis-level socio-economic conditions.

The history of these lands far exceeds 150 years. Diverse Indigenous nations thrived here before the arrival of European settler colonial powers. These settlers resulted in the formation of the Canadian state that has and continues to violate human rights of Indigenous people including, but are not limited to, genocide, land theft, the system of residential schools, and assimilationist policies.

Last year at Carleton, students moved to shut down a racist event organized by the University via the IRRG (Infrastructure Resilience Research Group). The event aimed to discuss the controversial Bill C-51 that criminalizes Indigenous dissent and peaceful protest. The GSA will continue to hold Carleton’s senior administration accountable for its role in any further racist activities.

The GSA extends its solidarity to Indigenous nations across Turtle Island in refusing to participate in any Canada 150 events, and by the GSA’s efforts to implement the TRC recommendations.