The Graduate Students’ Association will be holding its annual elections in March. The GSA requires a Chief Electoral Officer(s) to administer the process from nominations to the tabulation of results.  In addition to getting involved with your GSA, this is a good opportunity for a graduate student to gain experience in organizing and running an election.

Position Term:            Variable hours between mid-February and early April

Remuneration:            To Be Negotiated

Number of Positions: 1 -2

Job Description:            The position of CEO involves:

  • Working collaboratively with the GSA Electoral Board
  • Notifying nominated candidates of their nomination for election and determining if they accept
  • Notifying Council members of the nominees for election and enlisting Council’s aid in publicizing the election in their departments
  • Publicize the election and encourage voter turnout
  • Administration of the election according to GSA Election rules and policies
  • Tabulation of results
  • Informing Council of results at the first meeting of Council following the election
  • Informing the appropriate bodies and authorities of the election results                             

Deadline:       Noon, Friday, February 3, 2017

Submit resume and cover letter to:

GSA Carleton Electoral Board C/O
Vincent St-Martin
Office and Communications Coordinator
600 UC-1125 Colonel By Drive
(Word or PDF):

The GSA values employment and educational equality and welcomes applications from diverse groups including (but not limited to) women; aboriginal people; people of colour; people with disabilities; international students; and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people.

Only those who are granted interviews will be contacted.  Graduate Students will be given preference.