The Graduate Students’ Association will be holding its annual elections in March. The GSA requires a Chief Electoral Officer(s) to administer these processes from nominations to the tabulation of results.  In addition to getting involved with your GSA, this is a good opportunity for a graduate student to gain experience in organizing and running an election. 

Position Term:             Variable hours between early February until early April

Remuneration:            To Be Negotiated

Number of Positions: 1

Job Description:           

The position of CEO involves:

Working collaboratively with the GSA Electoral Board

Notifying nominated candidates of their nomination for election and determining if they accept

Notifying Council members of the nominees for election and enlisting Council’s aid in publicizing the election in their departments

Publicize the election and encourage voter turnout

Administration of the election according to GSA Election rules and policies

Tabulation of results

Informing Council of results at the first meeting of Council following the election

Informing the appropriate bodies and authorities of the election results

Deadline:                     Noon, February 12th, 2019

Submit resume and cover letter to:

GSA Carleton Electoral Board     (Word or PDF):

The GSA values employment and educational equality and welcomes applications from diverse groups including (but not limited to) women; indigenous people; people of colour; people with disabilities; international students; and gay, lesbian, bisexual, 2 Spirit and transgender people.

Only those who are granted interviews will be contacted. Graduate Students will be given preference.