Carleton University has informed the GSA that a private residence building will be constructed on the site currently occupied by the garden. The construction will be starting in the spring or summer of 2014.

An agreement on the creation of a community garden was reached between Carleton and the GSA in the spring of 2012. After hundreds of hours of volunteer labour, the garden was completed in June 2013. The agreement clearly states that the University must pay the costs of any relocation, but the details – such as a new site – are not known.

The possibility that the newly constructed garden would only last for one growing season has caught the GSA Executive by surprise and is very concerning. Input from all community members who care about the community garden is being sought and an Emergency Meeting is being planned specifically for this purpose. Representatives of Carleton’s senior administration are being asked to attend the meeting as well.

When: 12:00 noon, Wednesday October 16, 2013
Where: 600 University Centre (the Grad Lounge)