At the January 28 CUSA election debate, we were shocked to hear CUSA President Alex Golovko comment on GSA-CUSA relations by stating that “We’re ten times bigger and we’re going to take them down!”

Mr. Golovko’s statements in no way represents a constructive approach to GSA-CUSA relations. More troubling for the GSA Executive is that Mr. Golovko’s comments suggest he has no interest in working for the best interests of all students at Carleton. To the contrary, his comments imply a desire to trample the rights of graduate students.

The GSA Executive continues to believe in the importance of students working together towards common goals. Whether it is within our campus, municipally, provincially or federally, the GSA and CUSA have a long history of working together and with other students’ unions to improve the student experience.

It is important for students to know that despite the tensions between the two organizations, undergraduate students remain welcome to use many of the services offered by the GSA, including Mike’s Place, the Grad Lounge, the Community Garden, and the cheapest printing service on campus.