The GSA offers medical, dental, and accident insurance plan designed to be relatively comprehensive and low in cost. All full-time students registered in the Fall term, including international students, are automatically covered by the plan for the entire September 1-August 31 plan year.

As things are quite complicated during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the GSA has created a number of online forms to help ease the process of opting in and opting out.

IF you are opting out because you are in Canada and have alternate insurnace, opt out as you would here, prior to October 5th:

If you are opting out because you are out of country, fill out this form:

Finally, if you are opting in to the health and dental plan, or are opting in dependents, fill out this form (you will be asked to pay for the health and dental plan at the end):

Coverage highlights for the plan:

The GSA executive was able to negotiate some new benefits for students, they are highlighted below.

New Plan Changes for 2020-2021:
Increase to physiotherapy per visit maximum from $20/visit maximum to $30/visit maximum.
Increase psychology per visit maximum from $20/visit maximum to $50/visit maximum, with an
overall $300 maximum, adding practitioners MSW, Counsellor, Psychologist.

Other Plan Highlights:

  • 80% on most prescription drug claims to a max of $2000
  • 80% on most dental work to a max of $750 plus an additional $500 max for wisdom teeth at 50%.
  • Vision claims up to $150 over 24 months
  • Accident insurance
  • Travel insurance (emergency medical coverage) for up to 60 days per trip for up $5,000,000
  • Paramedical coverage at $20/visit, $300 combined max for Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychology