The GSA offers medical, dental, and accident insurance plan designed to be relatively comprehensive and low in cost. All full-time students registered in the Fall term, including international students, are automatically covered by the plan for the entire September 1-August 31 plan year.

Visit benefits and making a claim to learn about how to use your coverage. If you already have comparable coverage, you can request to leave the Plan and get a refund (opt-out). Refunds will occur in late October by a credit to your student account. You must complete the opt-out process by October 6, 2017.

Students who wish to add their children and/or spouses to the plan may do so by filling out a form, and bringing cash, certified cheque or money order to the GSA Office. You must complete the opt-in process by October 6, 2017.

Coverage highlights for the plan:

  • 80% on most prescription drug claims to a max of $2000
  • 80% on most dental work to a max of $750 plus an additional $500 max for wisdom teeth at 50%.
  • Vision claims up to $150 over 24 months
  • Accident insurance
  • Travel insurance (emergency medical coverage) for up to 60 days per trip for up $5,000,000
  • Paramedical coverage at $20/visit, $300 combined max for Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychology