Today our hearts go out to those on our campus and in our broader community who are angered, saddened, devastated, disillusioned, defeated, or triggered by the verdict released today in the case of the former CBC newscaster Jian Ghomeshi.

We condemn this decision for its minimization of experiences of predominantly womyn, and other folks who continue to face the debilitating reality of a culture that permits and normalizes rape.

We condemn the inability of a criminal “justice” system to deliver justice to those who are most marginalized in our society – women, Indigenous folks, trans folks, people of colour, and other members within our communities who disproportionately bear the effects of racial, gendered, and sexualized violence.

We condemn the forces of slut-shaming and victim-blaming forces that are stealthily at work in society, silencing those desperately fighting to tell their stories. The abysmal conviction rates of sexual assaults in court say it all. Rape culture is embedded in our culture. In order to dismantle these systems, we must believe survivors and centre their voices.

We believe survivors and others who are unable, or choose not, to come forward. Your stories are valid and we stand in solidarity with you.

Help us show our community that we do not tolerate rape culture, and that we support survivors.

On Wednesday, at noon in DT 509A, please join us to express messages of solidarity with survivors of sexualized violence.

CUSA’s Womyn’s Centre is also holding an event How to Support a Friend Workshop & Q+A Tuesday march 29 between 1-3PM in 308 UC.

If you need support in the meantime, please visit CUSA’s Womyn’s Centre (308 UC) for a decompression space, and find free colouring books and supplies for survivors and supporters in the GSA Lounge (600 UC).

For support, please contact:

  • The CUSA Womyn’s Centre (308 UC)
    • 613-520-2600 ext. 2712
  • Carleton Sexual Assault Peer Support Line
    • 613 620.1030
  • Sexual Assault Network – Ottawa
    • 613 725-3601 x104
  • Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre
    • 24-Hr Crisis Line: 613-562-2333
    • Appointments: x30


The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) offers services, advocacy, and community for over 3,900 graduate students at Carleton University. We are proud members of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and their “No Means No” campaign, which began almost twenty years ago to raise awareness and to reduce the occurrence of sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and dating violence on our campuses and beyond. Contact to get more involved with our Consent Culture Committee, No Means No Campaign, and other initiatives.