Students who requested to leave the GSA Health, Dental and Accident plan have had the money refunded to their Carleton Student Accounts on October 27, 2014. This credit balance can be used to pay for winter tuition which is due November 25, 2014, or you may request a refund cheque from Carleton. Any questions regarding the opt-out process should be sent to the GSA office at

To request a cheque from Carleton please use the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have a credit balance on your student account by logging into Carleton Central and clicking on “View Student Account.” The credit should appear on the first line in the “Summary” table, under “Account Balance,” and will appear as a negative figure.
  2. To receive a cheque, you must email Carleton Student Accounts directly at In that email, indicate whether you prefer to pick the cheque up or have it delivered via paper mail. If you do not indicate a preferred method of distribution, it will automatically be sent out to your most recent address as it appears on your Carleton file.