Recently, there has been an increase in hateful messages in posters on campus. The university administration joins forces with student group leaders to condemn intolerance toward all groups and individuals.

The group sponsoring the posters promotes negative attitudes toward multiculturalism, immigrants, minorities and immigration. The group will not be named, to avoid bringing attention to hateful messaging.

“Carleton University is about inclusivity, respect and community,” said Alastair Summerlee, president and vice-chancellor. “These posters have no place on a campus that promotes community, inclusiveness and a safe environment for all of our students, faculty and staff. Our university is about respect and valuing the diversity that contributes so much to the academic experience we provide our students.”

The president thanked students and others in the community who stepped forward to notify the administration about the posters and assisted in removing them.

“The Graduate Students’ Association recognizes that campuses are not immune to racism and xenophobia,” said Jenna Amirault, vice-president external of the GSA. “But Carleton students have a long history of standing up against hate on-campus. We encourage students to get involved with their students’ union and take action against racism and other forms of oppression.”

“We are so lucky to have a beautifully diverse and intersectional student body here at Carleton University,” said Zameer Masjedee, president of the Carleton University Students’ Association. “It is a campus where every student should feel safe and at home in any given moment. CUSA stands firm in condemning any and all hate groups on our campus and will continue to support students looking to grow the sense of community that we value so dearly.”