Prepared by and distributed on behalf of the Board of Directors of GSA Carleton Inc.

The previous Membership Advisory (see below) detailed the GSA Carleton Inc. Board of Directors’ difficult decision to pursue legal action against CUSA Inc. over CUSA’s purported unilateral termination of two health plan agreements and their claim to 100% ownership of funds held in the health plan reserve.

The Board of Directors of GSA Carleton Inc. is disappointed to report that after missing yet another deadline, CUSA and its legal counsel have asked for a fourth extension to file their Statement of Defense.

As recommended by its legal counsel, the Board has agreed to provide the additional extension. The Board is hopeful that the process is not being stalled intentionally or for extra-judicial purposes and has the expectation that the CUSA executive will take responsibility for their stewardship of the undergraduate student association.

The Board of Directors of GSA Carleton Inc. will continue to examine all of its available options in consultation with legal counsel.