Carleton Senior Administration have announced that all fees except the University Centre (UC) fee will be transferred to the GSA in October. This transfer will include fees collected on behalf of the GSA for the summer and fall terms that were due to have been transferred on September 30. The GSA will be able to pay the health plan insurer and continue to provide the services graduate students expect.

The Executive of the GSA is still waiting for Carleton to indicate, in writing, that they intend to respect the results of the referenda held in March and September of 2014. In the most recent referendum, graduate students voted 96% in favour of cancelling the UC fee and increasing the GSA operating levy by the same amount.

If Carleton Senior Administration disregards the democratic will of graduate students and the provincial rules regarding ancillary fees as enacted by the Government of Ontario, the GSA will be investigating legal options. The GSA will also be asking the membership to participate in a campaign to ensure the voices of graduate students cannot be ignored.