To all graduate students at Carleton,

Have you ever witnessed or experienced belittling or degrading behaviour at Carleton? Verbal abuse? Yelling? Homophobic, racist, sexist or xenophobic remarks? Ever felt anxious or fearful to encounter a particular professor, staff member or colleague? Ever had a colleague tell you they felt that way?

Mental health is a serious issue affecting all students, but what can we do about it? The GSA has helped to launch a graduate student-specific mental health campaign, Not in the Syllabus, and we’d like you to take part.

Our survey asks graduate students to identify and describe incidents related to bullying, harassment and mental health issues that they have either personally experienced or witnessed at their institutions. Your participation is greatly appreciated. The information collected will help shape the rest of the campaign and has the potential to positively impact future graduate students, both across Ontario and specifically at Carleton University.

Complete the survey:

If you’re interested in knowing more about the survey or want to help promote it to your peers and colleagues, email, or contact GSA VP Academic Michael Bueckert (

Not in the Syllabus is a joint project of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, the Public Service Alliance of Canada Ontario and the Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee of CUPE. All information provided is confidential, anonymous, and secure.