The Carleton University Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) stands in solidarity with the workers represented by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Postal workers are advocating for their rights to gender pay equity – and against proposals that will damage pensions for all workers. When Canada Post attacks postal workers, they are attacking people who live and work in our communities and campuses.

Postal workers consistently defend and make gains for fair labour practices that students and youth depend on in today’s increasingly precarious labour market. We are proud of the work that CUPW postal workers have done to protect and win rights for workers and resist the privatization of public services.

Canada’s students stand by postal workers as they advocate for equal pay for equal work, good jobs, public services, and a climate friendly economy.

Take Action:

  1. Contact Ottawa Solidarity Against Austerity to get involved in the Ottawa solidarity efforts.
  1. Put a “Students and Postal Workers United” sign in your window or on your mailbox or on your profile. Download signs or a profile pic!
  1. Respond to newspaper and online articles, editorials and radio talk shows. Post and share CUPW’s communications in social media and online communities.
  1. Contact the Prime Minister and the Minister of Status of Women and urge them to make good on their commitment to gender equality by instructing Canada Post to pay Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (70% women) the same as Letter Carriers (68% men) because they do virtually identical work.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
    Patricia Hajdu, Minister of Status of Women via email
  1. Contact Canada Post President Deepak Chopra via email and encourage him to drop the concessions. Tell him to start negotiating. 


More information at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.