Attempts by the Carleton University Board of Governors to restrict labour- and student union participation in the affairs of the university have been stalled for now, but anti-union Bylaw changes are expected to be reintroduced this fall.

On June 25, the Board of Governors proposed changes to the Bylaws which would have excluded student and labour union representatives from the Board, and which would have permanently banned all members of the Carleton community from observing Open Meetings. As the GSA and CUSA have pointed out, these proposed restrictions were unusual, far-reaching, and unnecessary.

Last week, the GSA learned that the electronic vote to approve the Bylaw changes had been suspended, following allegations by Board member and Biology professor Root Gorelick of “monumental vote rigging.

Although the suspension of the electronic vote is good news, it is only temporary. We have been informed by the University Secretary that the Governance Committee of the Board is expected to undertake an “overhaul review” of the Board’s Bylaws this summer. There is a possibility that the outcome of that process could be an even more restrictive and regressive Bylaw proposal.

It is imperative that the Board considers the perspectives and opinions of all stakeholders on campus when formulating its Bylaws, and particularly when making changes to the composition of the Board. The GSA is therefore joining with CUSA in calling on the Board to engage in the meaningful consultation of campus stakeholders in the Bylaw review process.

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