Benefits and Making a Claim

The GSA offers medical, dental and accident insurance plans designed to be relatively comprehensive and low in cost.

Benefits include:

  • Prescription drug claims at 80% to a max of $2000
  • 80% on most dental work to a max of $750 plus an additional $500 max for wisdom teeth at 50%.
  • Vision claims up to $150 over 24 months
  • Accident insurance
  • Paramedical coverage at $20/visit, $300 combined max for Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychology
  • Travel Insurance (emergency medical coverage) for up to 60 days per trip for up $5,000,000

The Benefits booklet is available after registering with Greenshield, please visit the following website for details:


Making a claim is simple. Many dentists and pharmacists have computers that are linked to Green Shield’s system. Tell them you have Green Shield student coverage, and that your ID number is CAR (for Carleton) plus your student number. Example CAR 100123456. ID numbers for dependents add -01 -02 to the primary member’s student number and so on for each dependent added to the plan. Your spouse is always -01, and your first dependent will start at -02 and so on. Example CAR 100123456-01 for your spouse, CAR 100123456-02 for oldest child, CAR 100123456-03 for second oldest.

You may also make a claim online by signing up for an account using Green Shield’s website.

In other cases a manual claim will be needed. Simply download and fill out the forms below, and send them by mail to the addresses on the forms.