Nomination Forms, Proxies, & Councillor Credits

There are 2 types of Council Nomination forms:

  • Councillor nomination form for students in programs where there is no departmental student society.
  • Councillor nomination form for students chosen by their departmental graduate student society to serve as a GSA Councillor

View the 2021 Invitation Letter to Join Council here:

If your departmental graduate student society has not registered with the GSA, please download the Departmental Society Registration Form.

If you have any questions about Council nomination forms please contact the VP Operations (


In the event that a councillor cannot make it to a meeting it is encouraged that you send a proxy. Proxies must complete a Council Proxy Form and submit it to the Council Chair prior to the start of the meeting. Proxies will not be recognized if this form has not been completed and submitted.

Councillor Credit Claim Form

Councillors are eligible for a $20 credit (flat rate) for every council meeting attended, up to a total of (8) meetings during the Fall and Winter terms. Councillor attendance will be recorded and the funds will be held by the GSA as a credit, to be used as a reimbursement for monies spent on graduate students in the councillor’s respective department or departmental society.

For more information on the Councillor Credits, please consult the Policy Manual online, or contact the GSA VP Operations (