Help Contribute to the GSA: Open Volunteer Positions

We all know and understand how busy we all are – being a student is hard enough, let alone
getting involved in student government. However, filling these volunteer positions is absolutely
vital to the functioning and legitimacy of the GSA as a student-representative organization.
Please consider volunteering your time to one, or both of the committees below.

Organizational Review Committee
What is the Organizational Review Committee?
The Organizational Review Committee (hereby known as the ORC) is a standing committee of
the GSA.

What does the Organizational Review Committee do?
The Organizational Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and/or clarifying
constitutional articles, by-laws, policies, or terms of reference, and developing and introducing
new constitutional articles, by-laws, policies or terms of reference to be introduced to Council.

Who sits on the Organizational Review Committee?
The Organization Review Committee is composed of a minimum of two (2) members of council,
and no more than two (2) members of the executive. The VPO will count as one of these two
executive members.

How long would my term be?
Traditionally, as a member of the ORC, you will hold a term of office from May 1st to April 30th
of the following year. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the recent transition of Kimberley Keller
from council member to executive, your term will begin on July 1st, 2021 and will extend till April
30th, 2022.

What will I have to do, and what is the time commitment?
The Organizational Review Committee is an absolutely vital element of the GSA. This
committee is tasked with reviewing the functionality and processes of the GSA and ensuring
that the organization is operating democratically, effectively, and efficiently. You will be required
to attend a minimum of one ORC meeting a month, lasting approximately 1-2 hours. Depending
on the issues that arise, there may be more meetings held, or they may be longer in length. We
will be reviewing constitutional processes, bylaws, and other concerns raised by committee
members of Councillors. For example, we may want to consider enshrining the health plan in
the Bylaws/Constitution in order to protect it from modification. You will be expected to do some
light reading on GSA procedures during your down time. It is estimated that the time
commitment will be in the ballpark of 15 hours a month, though this is subject to change.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Please contact Kimberley at for more information.