The Grad Recreational Softball League (GRSL) is a slow pitch league, open to interested players of any calibre, with a minimum of seriousness and a maximum of fun. The league is strictly recreational and non-competitive. Those of all skill levels are welcome to play. Weeknights from early May to the end of August, a variety of teams come out to the baseball diamond behind the Nesbitt Biology Building.

Teams are typically drawn from faculties like Physics and English, although there are mixed teams of students and alumni like the Hacks and the Barflies. Games start at 6pm and typically teams generally head to Mike’s Place after the game for drinks and free nachos.

And the season would not be complete without our own annual all-day softball tournament in mid-August, which remains the summer’s not-to-be-missed event. It’s a tradition that is intended to provide a break from summer hours and late-night studies in a fun environment.

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The Grad Recreational Summer Softball League History

Back in 1984, a few dozen people on campus turned off their Prince records and picked up their bats and gloves. From these friendly pick-up games emerged a loosely organised league dedicated to getting students, faculty and staff out to the field for a little sport and a lot of fun. As interest grew, an annual tournament was added in 1987. Other than a brief hiatus in the late 1990s, the league has continued its fine tradition of good cheer, good friends and “bootism” right up to today.