Domestic Student Award

The GSA Domestic Student Award was created to help alleviate the financial burdens
domestic students incur while obtaining university degrees. The GSA recognizes that
recent changes to the OSAP funding of domestic students has decreased and that a
major part of OSAP grants is converted to OSAP loans, as well as the grace period of six
months for OSAP loan after graduation is reduced. Applicants must be members of the
GSA. Three $750 awards are given out each Fall and Winter term in the year. The
deadline for application is last day of first month of each term, at 4pm. Please submit your
application to the GSA offices by email at

• Applicants must be a member of the GSA.
• Applicants must not have any other source of funding, external or internal, including TA or RA.
• Applicants must have completed at least two terms of graduate study at Carleton.
• Applicants must be in good academic standing, as defined by Carleton’s graduate calendar.
• Applicants must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.