Printing At The GSA- Updated Printer Policy



1. The GSA holds full discretion on which print projects move forward prioritizing GSA business and operations as well as students. Students not abiding by the policies will be responsible for rates reflective of the current economy. 

2. A student must provide their student number in order to access their printing limits. The limit is 125 pages per student per academic year. Only students have access to free printing.

3. The GSA will not photocopy more than 10 pages of a notebook or textbook. This will count towards a student page limit.

4. The GSA under no circumstance will print any textbooks or copyrighted materials. Any requests to print a textbook can have the student to no longer have access to the free service.

5. First priority will be given to GSA operations, GSA student members, graduate students’ departmental organizations, and other organizations serving GSA members on a case-by-case basis only if capacity allows if there are graduate student members. CUSA members are reminded to utilize the facilities on the fourth floor.

6. The GSA does not perform design work as part of its print service.

7. The GSA reserves the right to change its prices and policies without notice and to refuse service to any individual or group not abiding by the policies.