Faith Achile: Vice President Operations

Originally from Nigeria, Faith Achile is a Graduate student pursuing a Master of Applied Business Analytics (MABA) degree in Technology Innovation Management. Before becoming VP Operations of the GSA, Faith served as a Project Coordinator with the Systems and Computer Engineering Society of Carleton University and also lended a voice in advocating for students within her department. Faith is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional passionate about organizational operations management. She stands for accountability, transparency, enhanced wellness, inclusion and community building. It is her desire to serve the needs of the Carleton University Graduate student community to the best of her ability. She is always open to discussions and suggestions via

Faith has great plans for the GSA this year – check out her top priorities below:

  1. To promote the inclusion and participation of all graduate students in the GSA community regardless of location (i.e within and outside of Canada)
  2. To amplify the voices of salient issues faced by graduate students and raise awareness through targeted campaigns for the needed support to be provided
  3. To secure relevant partnerships for on and off campus job opportunities and set up more resources provided by the GSA that would be relevant to all graduate students within and outside Canada
  4. To advocate for accountability and transparency in the GSA through constant communication with the community
  5. To set up structures for knowledge transfer and networking within and between incoming and existing graduate students
  6. To foster an active online presence of the GSA and position the community as a brand that all graduate students are proud to be associated with.
  7. To ensure proper documentation, reporting and promoting transparency through prompt upload of clear and concise council meeting minutes to the website.
  8. To plan and deliver a memorable welcome week for incoming graduate students.


Current Committees and Positions:

  • Campus Master Plan Steering Committee Member
  • GSA Organizational Review and Accountability Committee

Hande Uz Ozcan: Vice President Academic


Hande Uz Ozcan is a Ph.D. Student in Carleton University, School of Journalism and Communication, Communication Ph.D. Program. She started her courses in 2020 outside of Canada, arrived in Ottawa during the provincial stay-at-home orders, and finished all her courses online; she believes that GSA should propose a strategic post-pandemic response for community engagement and academic support. She holds a Ms.c degree in Media and Cultural Studies from Middle East Technical University. Her academic interests are networked affect, digital authoritarianism and self-censorship. 

She serves the community as Vice-President Academic.  Please reach out to her via

Milan Sanghani- President


Born in India, Milan began his academic journey with B.Sc in Chemistry, and then moved on to an M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry. Having studied at institutions in India, he is now doing his second Masters in Entrepreneurship at Carleton University. He is working on his master’s degree project to make quality education accessible for all the students across the globe.

Milan is no stranger to activism; in February of 2017, he launched his own company to recruit international students for colleges in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He enrolled in Carleton University’s entrepreneurship programme in September 2022 in order to make his business a global success. He is now a member of a corporate team at Ravens Sports Business Club (RSBC), an Assistant General Manager at Sprott Student Consulting Group (SSCG), and President at Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) after maintaining his venture automated and performing at a ground level as a CuScreen Covid-19 ambassador. He is aiming to provide the most support and resources possible to the Carleton graduate student community, in order to make it stronger than before.

Reach out to him via 

Navyashree Krishnareddy: Vice President External


As a VP External, one of my responsibilities is to advocate for municipal, provincial, and federal governments on behalf of the university’s graduate students. And I’m a second-year master’s student in the department of Technology Innovation Management specializing in entrepreneurship, where my current research focuses on social-impact focused organizations or government initiatives that can provide employment opportunities for unemployed graduate students, resulting in a win-win situation for both society and students.

Official email:

Social media profile:

Evans Boadi: Vice President Finance


Evans is a graduate student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. He served the School Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Students Society (MSGSS) as vice president internal/external before serving as GSA Vice President Finance. As part of his role as a VP Finance, Evans is in charge of the awards and grants offered by the GSA and he is excited to address the members’ financial needs. For more information, email