Becoming an active member of a GSA committee is a great way to get involved with us! The terms of reference for each committee can be found in our policy manual.

Graduate Academic Caucus

The Graduate Academic Caucus (GAC) is a committee that draws together dedicated student representatives from each department/school to coordinate responses to the academic issues of our growing student body. Representatives serve as direct links between students, departments and the GSA, while also ensuring that the academic needs of graduate students are represented and conveyed to Carleton’s Senate and university administration.

GAC meets every other month starting in early October. Every member of the GSA has speaking rights at GAC meetings, and every department is allocated 2 voting seats for graduate students. Typically, these seats are filled by the graduate student representatives on departmental boards as well as faculty boards.

Interested in joining the Caucus? Just fill out the form

If there is an issue that you would like to raise at GAC, contact the VP Academic (

International Student Committee

The International Student Committee recognizes the unique challenges international students face studying at Carleton. The committee organizes to face those challenges, and creates social events. The priorities of the committee are set by its members, and it is open to all graduate students. If you would like to get involved in ISC, email the VP Finance (

Consent Culture Committee

The Consent Culture Committee is determined to raise awareness about and prevent sexual violence on campus. If you’re passionate about creating consent culture and ending sexual violence, join the consent culture committee! Email the VP Operations ( for more info.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Political Action Committee (PAC) is chaired by the GSA VP External and is open to all students. It is responsible for organizing campaigns and mobilizing students around important issues, such as skyrocketing tuition fees, access to public transportation, and public funding for research.

PAC meets on a regular basis determined by the committee. If you would like to get involved in PAC follow the link to our sign up form, or email the VP External (

Organizational Review Committee

The Organizational Review Committee is concerned with maintaining and improving the organizational strength of the GSA. It reviews existing and proposed policy, constitutional articles, and by-laws that are normally referred to it by the GSA Council, and occasionally proposes new items as well. The committee meets as needed, and is chaired by the VP Operations. If you enjoy reviewing policy, contact the VP Operations (

Scholarships and Awards Committee

The GSA hands out a number of awards and scholarships each year, and this committee has the difficult task of choosing from among the many candidates. Chaired by the VP Finance, the committee meets as necessary.

Accessibility Committee

The primary purpose of the Accessibility Fund Committee is to recommend the distribution of monies set aside in the Accessibility Fund. The fund is administered solely by the GSA and is used to help pay for attendant care for Carleton University graduate students with disabilities at GSA functions and or at other academic events where such attendant care is not covered by other organizations.  It also funds projects that improve the accessibility of facilities at Carleton University used by graduate students. The Accessibility Committee is chaired by the VP External (

Graduate Residence Caucus

The Graduate Residence Caucus (GRC) is made up of grad students living in the Carleton University’s Leeds Residence. The committee provides and maintains services, events and facilities for grads in residence, and fosters a sense of community.

The GRC is led by an elected executive made up of the GRC Chairperson, Communications Coordinator, Social Coordinator and the Advocacy Coordinator, with the support of the GSA’s VP Finance.