Exec and Representatives

In addition to councillors elected from each department, grad students are also represented by the following elected student representatives.


The GSA is administered by 5 part-time executive members (a president and 4 vice-presidents) who are elected by graduate students each Spring for a 1-year term.


PresidentChi-Chi Ayalogupres@gsacarleton.ca1613
VP FinanceHemant Guptavpf@gsacarleton.ca8778
VP OperationsKimberley Kellervpo@gsacarleton.ca3879
VP ExternalHesam Farahanivpx@gsacarleton.ca8270
VP AcademicVictoria Asivpa@gsacarleton.ca2096


Other Reps:

Carleton University Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BoG) is the highest financial decision-making body at Carleton University, and deals with issues like tuition fees and the university budget.

Carleton University Senate

Decisions relating to academic programs, awards, rules and regulations, and the granting of degrees are made at the Senate, where graduate students are represented by 3 Senators.

Graduate Faculty Board (GFB)

Graduate students have 5 seats on the GFB. The GFB reports to Senate and oversees the administration and content of graduate studies at Carleton.

BOGFrohan Foroutan
BOGSamantha Davin
SenateDonatus Edi
SenateNathaniel Bruni
SenateRufes Stephen John Sundarraj
GFBNathaniel Bruni
GFBTaryn Hepburn
GFBRufes Stephen John Sundarraj