GSA Grant for Students Impacted from Conflict, Crises and War


In response to global crises, including warfare, conflict and natural disasters, GSA Carleton is initiating a grant for our members of the international community. This grant aims to assist current GSA Carleton members affected by these events. The nature of these crises can range from military occupations to life-threatening situations such as supply shortages, injuries, race-based violence, religious persecution, and family separation or loss. The grant is designed to offer broad eligibility to members facing various forms of hardship.

Despite the existing GSA Emergency Grant, the unique circumstances of ongoing global conflicts, crises and wars have led to several students altering their education plans, including dropping courses. This fund seeks to support those students impacted by international crises. With an initial allocation of $10,000.00, individual grants can amount to up to $500. This initiative also aims to establish a framework for addressing future conflicts.

Limitations of Current Financial Aid:

Noting that existing GSA financial aid programs do not address emergency needs arising from global crises and war situations.

Eligibility Criteria:

GSA Carleton Members who indicate being affected by crises as outlined above are eligible.

Application Process:

Please apply using the form below.

Required information: Carleton Email, Carleton student number, home address, country of citizenship, country of residency (temporary or permanent), indication of need, and indication of impact by the crisis.

Privacy Statement

All information collected is used for the sole purpose of evaluating the candidate’s needs, and will be kept private and confidential.

This Grant is Amended by the GSA Council on November 30th, 2023.

Applications are open until March 18 at 4pm.