Election Results

Dear candidates,

I am pleased to announce the results of the 2024 GSA Elections. Please find attached a PDF version of the Certified Results.

Congratulations to:
Jayesh Kundu: President
Jean Peng: VP Operations
Reza Sohrabi: VP Finance
Shakib Mahamud: VP External
Mahsa Abarghouei: VP Academic
Zahra Esfandiari: Senate

I also want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the candidates who ran for various positions. Your participation in the democratic process of the GSA is commendable, and your dedication to representing the interests of our graduate student community is truly appreciated.
The campaign was spirited, and it’s evident that each candidate put in a tremendous amount of effort to engage with voters and advocate for their platforms. Regardless of the outcomes, your commitment to student organizing and your willingness to contribute to the betterment of our community is truly admirable.

I encourage everyone to remain engaged with student organizing initiatives beyond the elections. While the election process is an essential aspect of our democratic governance, it’s not the only way to get involved. There are numerous opportunities for engagement and activism within the GSA and beyond, and I hope to see continued participation from all members.

On a side note, I would like to remind all candidates to submit their expense budgets and receipts for reimbursement. Please ensure that all necessary documentation is provided to facilitate the reimbursement process efficiently. If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Once again, congratulations to all the candidates, and thank you to everyone who participated in the election process.

In solidarity,

Judy El-Mohtadi
Chief Electoral Officer
Graduate Students’ Association, Carleton University


Election Results Here!

Notice of GSA Elections February 23, 2024
The GSA 2024 General Elections voting period will take place from March 20-21 2024 online. Our Elections are held to elect the GSA Executive Committee. We also host the elections for the representatives on the
Carleton University Senate and Graduate Faculty Board.

GSA Members should take note of the following information:

Election Platform
The GSA elections are hosted online using the OIRP voting software administered by Carleton University. Elections results will be tabulated through the software and shared to the Elections Officer
who will then announce them.

Get Involved, Run Today!
It is important to keep yourself informed as a voter throughout the general elections; continue consulting this website as more information becomes available!

Interested in running for a vacant position in the upcoming elections? File your candidacy today!

Send your nomination forms to the Chief Electoral Officer: ceo@gsacarleton.ca.

The nomination period begins on February 23rd and closes on March 8th at 4 P.M. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a voice for your peers!

Important Documents

Elections Rules
GSA Constitution
GSA By-Laws
Executive Duties
2024 Nomination Form


The 2024-2025 Election Campaign is March 20th-21st, 2024. Keep an eye on your Carleton University email address to vote online during the two days. The All Candidates  Forum information is here!

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Candidate Information


Jayesh Kundu (United)

My name is Jayesh Kundu, and I am honored to serve as the President of the Graduate Student Association at Carleton University. Being an international student myself, I deeply understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by students from different countries. My diverse background and experiences have shaped my approach to leadership and advocacy.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, complemented by significant experience as a Senior Systems Engineer in an IT company. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Technology Innovation Management. This background equips me with a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen.

My goal as President is to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and valued, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels included and respected. I am committed to advocating for policies and initiatives that address the unique needs of our diverse student body, including providing resources for cultural integration and facilitating networking opportunities & job placements.

Together, let’s build a community where every student feels empowered to succeed. Your vote for me as President will ensure that our voices are heard and our experiences are respected. Let’s work towards making Carleton University a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

VP Academic
Shaghayegh Deldadeh (Support Network)

As a candidate for Vice President Academic at the Carleton University Graduate Students’ Association, my ambition is to revolutionize our academic environment through strategic planning, astute resource allocation, and the promotion of an atmosphere of excellence and innovation. With over five years of experience in academic advocacy and leadership, I am deeply committed to enriching the educational experience for students, faculty, and staff alike. My approach is rooted in collaborative and evidence-based decision-making, prioritizing inclusivity and student feedback to shape impactful policies and initiatives. I am dedicated to championing accessible education, addressing key academic concerns, and proactively preparing for future challenges with a focus on sustainability, mental health, and technological advancement. By entrusting me with this role, we will collectively foster a dynamic and supportive academic community, driving forward our shared vision of academic success and personal growth for all members of our graduate community.

Mahsa Abarghouei (United)
My name is Mahsa Abarghouei, and I am honored to step forward as a candidate for the role of Vice-President Academic. As a Master’s student in Technology Innovation Management, I encountered various challenges and navigated through gaps in academic support, becoming acutely aware of the profound impact a robust support system can have on one’s academic journey. Through these experiences, I’ve come to understand the critical need for comprehensive academic support that caters to the diverse needs of graduate students. Recognizing gaps in existing support structures, I’m driven to advocate for inclusive initiatives that empower students to overcome obstacles and achieve their academic goals. My vision for our graduate community is deeply rooted in my experiences navigating academia and witnessing the challenges faced by fellow graduate students. I am committed to revitalizing the Graduate Academic Caucus, amplifying funding opportunities, and advocating tirelessly for underrepresented student groups. Through collaborative leadership and strategic advocacy, I am steadfast in my dedication to ensuring that every student’s voice resonates loudly, and their needs are met with urgency and empathy. Together, let’s make a positive difference in graduate education. Your vote is crucial. Vote for Mahsa. Thank you!
Pooja Patel (Your Voice)

Hi grads,

I’m Pooja Patel, a Master’s student in the Human-Computer Interaction program, building on my foundations in Computer Engineering. I am committed to fostering educational growth in my current role as a Teaching Assistant and active contributions to Open Source at the GNOME Foundation where I also worked as an intern during the Google Summer of Code program.

I developed key leadership and organizational skills through diverse volunteer engagements in my undergraduate program. This included leading three college-wide clubs and organizing events emphasizing collaboration and inclusivity, earning me two selective leadership awards.  Furthermore, my commitment to societal impact was evidenced in my three-year involvement in the National Service Scheme and various community projects.

In the role of VP Academic, I will:

Increase funding and accessibility to academic resources, ensuring all students have the necessary tools for academic success.

Connect new graduates with experienced mentors for academic and career guidance.

Organize workshops and seminars on various academic and career topics.

Foster an inclusive academic environment and advocate for diversity initiatives.

Facilitate collaboration between students and faculty to foster innovation and growth.

As a candidate for VP Academic, I deeply value the diversity of perspectives and disciplines represented within Carleton University’s graduate community. I am committed to leveraging my experiences to advance our academic mission, ensuring every student’s voice is heard and every discipline thrives. If elected, I pledge to listen to and represent the concerns and interests of all graduate students. Together, let’s work to enhance the academic experience for everyone at Carleton University!

Anshuman Srivastava

Hello, I’m Anshuman Srivastava, your candidate for Vice President – Academics in the upcoming GSA elections. With a rich tapestry of experiences across three continents and a multifaceted academic journey that includes an MBA from Carleton University, Ottawa, and Symbiosis International, plus a Bachelor’s in Technology from Jaypee University, I am uniquely positioned to serve our diverse student body.

My journey, marked by leadership in student committees and impactful roles in government, SMEs, and the film and media sector, has been driven by a passion for blending innovation with practical solutions. At SoluZone Consulting (Ottawa, Canada), I’ve demonstrated my ability to lead through complex project landscapes, navigating digital transformations that align closely with the academic and professional aspirations of our peers. My time at KPMG India was punctuated by achievements that not only delivered financial success but also fostered community and cultural enrichment, particularly in the film and media domain.

My commitment to academic excellence is further underscored by my ongoing pursuit of an MBA in Business Analytics at Carleton University, reflecting a continuous quest for learning and applying knowledge to real-world challenges. This role offers a platform to leverage my extensive background in project management, strategy, and business development, ensuring our academic programs not only meet but exceed the expectations of our student community.

I envision a GSA where academic support structures are robust, accessible, and tailored to the diverse needs of our students. Drawing from my own experiences and the innovative practices I’ve encountered, I am eager to advocate for programs that enhance academic engagement, foster research and development opportunities, and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

As your VP – Academics, I pledge to be a voice for all students, championing initiatives that enrich our academic experience and prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow’s business landscape. Together, let’s build a thriving, supportive, and innovative academic community at Carleton University.

VP External
Krish Gondaliya (Support Network)

Greetings, fellow graduate students! I am Krish Gondaliya, and I’m thrilled to run for the position of Vice-President External in the upcoming GSA Elections. My unwavering dedication to amplifying your voices and championing your interests fuels my vision for dynamic engagement and effective representation.

I’m deeply committed to building robust connections with external organizations, ensuring that your concerns are not just acknowledged but effectively addressed. Whether it’s organizing travel or drafting impactful press releases, I promise to be a proactive link between us and the wider community, advocating for our needs on local and national stages. Let’s work together towards a future where every graduate student’s voice holds weight. Choose Krish Gondaliya for Vice-President External, and let’s raise our collective influence to unprecedented levels.

Shakib Mahamud (United)

Greetings, fellow graduate students of Carleton University. I am Shakib Mahamud, your dedicated Graduate Student Association Steward, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Vice-President External. My journey at Carleton has been marked by a commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all graduate students, and I am eager to elevate our collective voice and impact as your Vice-President External. In my current role as GSA Steward, I’ve worked tirelessly to foster an environment where every graduate student feels supported and valued. Now, I am extending my dedication to the broader student body, aiming to enhance our external connections and bring about positive change beyond our campus borders.

My Promises and Goals: Strategic External Partnerships: I pledge to position myself as a candidate with a strategic vision for external relations. My goal is not only to maintain existing connections but to strengthen ties with local governmental bodies, resident associations, and national/provincial student associations. By forging impactful partnerships, we can directly improve the graduate student experience at Carleton. Global Advocacy for International Students: I am committed to comprehensive representation and support for our international graduate students. As Vice-President External, I will coordinate the representation of international students, ensuring their unique needs and concerns are at the forefront of our discussions. My focus includes cultural integration initiatives, mentorship programs, and targeted support services to create a more inclusive and globally aware graduate student community. Strategic Media Relations and Communication: Communication is key, and I envision a GSA with enhanced media relations. I will work towards improving our visibility through effective communication strategies, including social media, press releases, and other platforms. Transparent and timely communication is vital to fostering a sense of community among graduate students and keeping you informed about important events and initiatives. Together, let’s shape a future where our voices are amplified, our needs are addressed, and the graduate student community thrives. Vote for empowerment, transparency, and a stronger connection between us and the external entities that shape our academic journey. Together, we can make a lasting impact. Thank you for your trust and support.

Shiva Ashoori (Your Voice)

My name is Shiva Ashoori, a second-year PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carleton

University, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Vice President External position in the upcoming Graduate Students Association (GSA). Throughout my academic journey in engineering, I have cultivated a deep appreciation for collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation. These skills, honed through various projects and research endeavors, have equipped me with the ability to approach challenges creatively and find practical solutions.

Having served as a TA and RA, I possess a profound understanding of the challenges faced by graduate students, both academically and personally. My roles have sharpened my communication skills and honed my ability to collaborate with diverse groups. I aim to leverage this experience to strengthen and maintain transparent and effective communication between Carleton University and external organizations and communities. If elected: I will actively work to secure more grants and funding opportunities to support graduate students. I will ensure that all graduate students have equal and non-discriminatory access to job opportunities on campus.

I will support mental health plan programs and seek ways to improve and expand these services. I will organize events that bring graduate students together. These events will provide opportunities for networking and socializing. I will work diligently to ensure that the voices of all students are heard and represented. Together, we can build a stronger community where every voice matters.

VP Finance

Hitesha Rathod (Your Voice)

I am Hitesha Rathod, and I am honored to stand before you as a candidate for the Vice President of Finance in the upcoming Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) elections. As a dedicated and passionate Masters student of Entrepreneurship in Technology and Innovation Management at Carleton University, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to this role.

With a background in HR and extensive experience in sales and marketing within the IT sector, banking, financial institutions. I possess valuable skills in communication, negotiation, and leadership. Additionally, my current focus on technology innovation management further enriches my capabilities. My aim is to leverage these skills to effectively manage the financial affairs of our association and ensure its continued growth and success.

If elected, I pledge to:

– Ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation and utilization of GSA funds, utilizing my expertise in financial management.

– Advocate for financial initiatives like grants that enhance the overall student experience and support the wide range of programs and services offered by the GSA.

– Foster open communication channels with students and external stakeholders to gather feedback and insights for continuous improvement of financial processes and policies.

– Collaborate closely with the executive team to develop and implement responsible budgeting strategies that align with the needs and interests of our diverse student body.

– Explore innovative fundraising opportunities to diversify revenue streams and expand the financial resources available to the GSA.

Harsh Thakkar (Support Network)

As the Vice President of Finance for the Graduate Students Association, I am dedicated to championing your interests. With 4 years of financial expertise, I promise to drive impactful changes that directly benefit our student community. Through strategic financial management, planning, and analysis, I will ensure that our resources are optimized to support student initiatives and enhance your experience. By fostering transparency and accountability in financial matters, I aim to earn your trust and confidence. Your voice matters, and I am committed to listening to your concerns and advocating for your needs. Together, let’s shape a future where every student thrives. Vote for impactful changes that put students first.

Reza Sohrabi (United)

My name is Reza Sohrabi. I am a third-year doctoral candidate in Sociology, advocating for transparent activism, open dialogue, and community care. Since December 2021, I have been serving as the VP-External in the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA). In this role, I have collaborated with external organizations and communities to enhance the GSA’s efforts in supporting Carleton students’ campaigns and strategies. Subsequently, I served as an external board member of the GSA in 2022 and have been working as an office administrator within the GSA, focusing on administration and financial tasks. In 2023, I was elected as Vice President of Finance, where I am part of the team working to minimize the GSA’s operational costs. Over the last year, I initiated three key plans: establishing the GSA food hamper, increasing the GSA grants and scholarships, and decreasing the GSA’s operational costs. Having worked in various positions within the GSA, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the organization and its challenges. My close collaboration with the finance department in recent years has provided me with significant experience as Vice President of Finance. As inflation and the cost of living continue to impact student life, my focus will be on lobbying and advocating for increased grants, bursaries, and scholarships for graduate students, especially international students. Additionally, my goal is to reduce the operational costs of the organization and focus on more sustainable ways of utilizing student funds within the community.

These are my plan in a nutshell:

1. To provide the GSA budget transparent and more accountable for all graduate students.

2. To campaign for a decrease of international student tuition fees. 3.

To increase collaboration and participation between departmental groups and the GSA.

4. To increase the engagement between student clubs and the GSA.

5. To provide more fundamental help and care to graduate students during the post pandemic time.

6. To advocate for more funding opportunities and GSA grants for all graduate students.

7. To advocate for indigenizing the campus and support all minority groups.

Vraj Patel

VP Operations
Mehrnaz Masghat (Support Network)

As a candidate for the Vice President of Operations, my commitment lies in enhancing our organization’s efficiency and effectiveness through strategic planning and the implementation of innovative solutions. With over 3 years of expertise in operational management, I have consistently aimed to optimize processes, enhance team collaboration, and ensure the seamless execution of initiatives. My leadership is founded on the principles of transparency, accountability, and collaboration, emphasizing data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement to navigate operational complexities. I seek to work closely with all stakeholders to drive positive change, aiming to support the association’s vision while enhancing the student experience. Your trust in me as Vice President of Operations will enable us to achieve operational excellence and foster a vibrant graduate community where every student’s potential is fully realized.

Ehsan Eidi (United)

My name is Ehsan Eidi, and I am a dedicated master’s student in Environmental Engineering, driven by a passion for fostering collaboration and support among graduate students. Throughout my academic journey, I have had the privilege of engaging with diverse groups of individuals from various backgrounds and nationalities. These experiences have not only enriched my understanding of global perspectives but have also underscored the importance of collective empowerment within academic communities.

As a candidate for the Graduate Student Association (GSA), my primary objective is to contribute meaningfully to a broader vision of inclusivity and assistance for all graduate students. Having served as the President of the Iranian Student Association, I have honed my leadership skills and cultivated a deep sense of responsibility towards representing and advocating for the needs of my peers.

I am committed to leveraging my experiences and insights to facilitate positive change within the GSA, fostering an environment where every graduate student feels supported, valued, and empowered to thrive academically and personally. Through collaboration and dedication, I aspire to contribute to the enhancement of our academic community and the fulfillment of our collective potential.

Jean Peng (Your Voice)


My name is Jean Peng, and I’m in my first year of my Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program. I’m currently the Peer Outreach Support Coordinator at the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), where I’ve hosted movie nights and weekly study sessions among other responsibilities. I also support the Student Philanthropy Association as a Street Team member, and I work at the Department of University Advancement to fundraise for

charitable initiatives happening at Carleton!

I really enjoy volunteering and supporting organizational growth in my spare time. When I volunteered at CUSA’s Unified Support Centre, I made countless hampers of food and essentials hoping to benefit all students. When the Unified Support Center’s food bank stopped supporting graduate students, I left to begin volunteering at the new GSA Food Hamper Program. Here, I’ve been committed to increasing our capacity to support graduate students in need!

If elected for VP Operations, I promise that I will update the Food Hamper Program to offer fresh produce, dairy, and meat. I will also expand the GSA’s Emergency Fund to support students throughout the semester, and I will further develop programs dedicated to offering immediate assistance, referrals, and advocacy on behalf of graduate students when they need it most.