September start students: All coverages are from September 1 to August 31. Prices are for the entire coverage period and cannot be pro-rated.

January opt-in new start students: All coverages are from January 1 to August 31. Prices are for the entire coverage period are pro-rated.

Winter 2023 Prices:
Single StudentCouple (additional cost to add one dependant)Family (additional cost to 2 or more dependants)
Health Only138.56138.56273.34
Dental Only136.57136.57340.00

Winter 2023 New Start Students – Opting In (Joining the Plan)

The Opt-In Period Opens on January 5, 2023 and closes February 18, 2023. Any applications after this date will not be processed. 
Click here to opt-in.

All graduate students beginning to study as a new Carleton University student in January 2023 are eligible to opt-in to the GSA health and dental plan. This includes full-time domestic students, full-time international students, part-time students and co-op students. Students may also elect to add their spouse (including same-sex and common-law partners) and/or dependent children to the plan. All dependent children must be under the age of 21 unless enrolled in post-secondary school, full-time, then up to age 25.

To opt-in, students must complete the online opt-in application and pay the application fee by February 18, 2023. The coverage period will be January 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023. Students’ and applicable dependent coverage will be processed after February 18, 2023 and will receive an email confirming plan activation. Any claims made between January 1, 2023 and plan activation can be submitted once coverage is activated for consideration. Students who opt-in can create a GSC Everywhere account at

Click here to opt-in.

Opting Out (Leaving the Plan)

The Opt-Out Period is closed on October 5th 2022. No applications will be accepted at this time. 

 You can only opt out of your benefit plan when the opt-out period is open. 

Full-time students who are already covered under a comparable or better insurance plan may opt to leave the plan, with a refund, by October 5, 2022. Students must opt-out of the plan on an annual basis before the opt-out deadline. Refunds will be made directly to students’ Carleton Central accounts by late October 2022.

Health coverage includes prescription medications, medical items, practitioners, Inkblot Therapy, vision, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), and travel benefits. By opting-out of the health plan, students will not have access to these benefits. The dental coverage includes dental benefits. Opting-out of the dental plan will result in a loss of these benefits. Once the opt-out application is approved, students will not be able to join the plan by opting in for the remainder of the plan year.

To opt-out, students must provide proof of comparable or better alternative insurance when completing the opt-out application. The CUPE 4600 Teaching Assistant (TA) plan and University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) are not valid comparable or alternative insurance plans that can be used to opt-out. 

All opt-out applications must be submitted using the opt-out tool website prior to the October 5, 2022 deadline. No other proof of opt-out will be accepted including but not limited to, opt-out forms filled out on other students’ unions websites and/or their affiliated brokers or plan providers’ websites. No exceptions will be made.

Once the opt-out period closes, all opt-out applications will be reviewed. If additional information is required, students will receive an email requesting the details. Approved applications will receive a refund directly to their university student account in late October 2022. Undergraduate students (Bachelors degrees) who may want to opt out or opt in of their health plan should visit the CUSA website.