Student-Worker Solidarity


For many of us, the university is not just our study space, it’s also our workplace as well. And your fellow students who also work at Carleton, form part of the membership of many campus unions. That’s right! Your local Mike’s Place bartender and Roosters barista are unionized campus workers.

Student-worker solidarity is based on the principle that students and workers have common interests.

Campus workers and students are all affected by the chronic underfunding of education. The university gives the same lip service to campus workers about why it must freeze wages as it does to students about why it can’t freeze tuition. But if students and workers work together, we are better positioned to demand more funding for post-secondary education, smaller class sizes, better working conditions for campus workers, and the protection of students’ and workers’ rights. We are stronger together!

When students unite, we have a lot of leverage – through our tuition dollars and through our people power. Workers have leverage through our labour power. Without us, the university couldn’t function. We are the majority on this campus, and through collective action, we can advance our collective interests.

Contact the President ( to get involved.