Travel Grants help graduate students defray the costs of participating in academic conferences or engaging in academic pursuits, including research, outside of the Ottawa area. Students applying for a travel grant must provide documentation proving that they’ve also applied to their supervisor, their department, and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. It must be understood that the GSA has limited funds available for Travel Grants.

Travel Grants may assist students in a number of ways. They are available to any graduate student who is presenting a paper, chart, poster, or any other form of academic work (including being a scheduled participant on a panel) at a recognized conference. The grant can also assist students who wish to attend conferences directly related to their research topic, compete in academic competitions, or conduct research relating directly to their research topic.

The GSA shall award 50% of the travel costs not covered by other sources, to a maximum of $200.00. The minimum cost (to the student) must exceed $50.00. Applicants may apply for more than one grant per fiscal year (01 May to 30 April), where the total of all grants awarded to any one student would not exceed the maximum award per applicant in one fiscal year ($200.00). Travel Grants shall not be awarded to assist students’ travel for internships or co-ops, paid or otherwise. The Vice-President of Finance is responsible for approving travel grants.

Grants and Awards Applications Will Reopen For Fall 2023. Check Back Here For The Application Portal.

We have reached funding capacity for the Fall 2022/Winter 2023 application cycle and will no longer be accepting applications until Fall 2023.