Travel Insurance (Emergency Medical)

The GSA provides travel insurance automatically and at no additional cost to health plan members. Coverage is for a maximum of 60 days per trip, and for a maximum of $5,000,000 per student for emergency medical care. This coverage is for emergency medical only, not for flight cancellations, or for lost luggage. Students who have opted out of the health portion of the health and dental plan are not covered by travel insurance.

For assistance dial 1.800.936.6226 within Canada and the United States or call collect 0.519.742.3556 when traveling outside Canada and the United States. These numbers appear on your GSC Identification Card.

Quote your GSC Identification Number, found on your Identification Card, and explain your medical emergency. You must always be able to provide your GSC Identification Number and your provincial/territorial health insurance plan number.
A multilingual Assistance Specialist will provide direction to the best available medical facility or legally qualified physician able to provide the appropriate care.

Upon admission to a hospital or when consulting a legally qualified physician or surgeon for major emergency treatment, we will guarantee the provider (hospital, clinic or physician), that you have the required provincial/territorial health insurance plan coverage and GSC travel benefits as detailed above.

GSC Travel Assistance will follow your progress to ensure that you are receiving the best available medical treatment. GSC Travel Assistance also keeps in constant communication with your family physician and your family, depending on the severity of your condition.

When calling collect while travelling outside Canada and the United States, you may require a Canada Direct Calling Code. In the event that a collect call is not possible, keep your receipts for phone calls made to GSC Travel Assistance and submit them for reimbursement upon your return to Canada.

Read the full benefits booklet to learn all the details, which can be found here: