Candidates for:

    • GSA President
    • GSA Vice-President Finance
    • GSA Vice-President Operations
    • GSA Vice-President External
    • GSA Vice-President Academic
    • Senate of Carleton

Remember to vote April 13–14.


Cassandra Szabo

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Hello Grad Students,

I am a PhD Student in Political Science here at Carleton, and I am running to be your GSA president. I did my previous degrees in Winnipeg; I have been in school for a long time! I have also been on student council or on student groups in some capacity for approximately 5 years, this means I have a good understanding of how student governance works. Due to my significant experience as a student and on student councils I am ready to take on the challenge of being the GSA’s president at Carleton. In addition to my academic career, I also have a significant amount of experience as a professional outside of the academy. I worked for many years at a large non-profit organization where I assessed and evaluated the programs, policies, and effectiveness of the organization. My goal is to take this experience and skillset and apply it to the role of President at GSA. The life of a grad student is hard, and I want to find ways that the GSA can help make life easier and I have the necessary skills and experience to make sure of this. I will investigate ways the GSA can provide more tangible resources for students in terms of funding, mental and physical health care, social events, student engagement, reviewing policies and procedures, and finally better support for parents in grad studies. The GSA represents over 4000 grad students at Carleton, we need to make sure it is doing all that it can for the students it represents, and that is why I am running and why I hope you will vote for me.

Follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn to see more about myself and my goals for the 2022/2023 year

Instagram: cassszabocarelton

Farzam Kharvari

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A short bio:

Farzam Kharvari is a second-year Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering at Carleton University. During his master’s, he had been managing his departmental student association. He founded The Bilingual Journal of Architect and had been actively managing its content and financial operations from 2019 to 2021. Aside from his extensive academic publications, Farzam has been a volunteer country editor for Canada on the World Architect Community.

In the above video, our vision and action plan are described. If you prefer reading, our vision and personal statement are as follows:

With a continuous four years of international and domestic experience in graduate organizational governance, I am confident in my ability to allocate resources efficiently among different GSA’s sections and to foster our communication with administrators across the campus and external bodies for developing and expanding GSA’s strategic commitments to our community, service, and leadership.

Given the chance to begin my service as President, I have seven main goals for the upcoming year that focuses on getting the graduate students more involved, voicing grad students’ concerns to administrators,  active communication with members, building partnerships with external bodies, active monitoring of services on campus, and reducing operational costs of GSA. The following expands on the goals:

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    • I will focus on getting more students involved in our graduate student community by actively fostering GSA’s partnerships with graduate groups and holding social events on and off-campus. I will introduce “Stammtisch” to our campus which is an informal regular gathering every two weeks so that students can meet, find new friends, and hang out with other like-minded graduate students.
    • GSA, under my leadership, will focus on advocating for graduate students through establishing partnerships with academic and support programs. It is important that GSA establishes solid relationships with the administrators to voice the concerns of graduate students on our campus. This includes voicing the concerns regarding graduate students’ affairs including thesis submissions, deadlines, teaching assistants’ related issues, etc.
    • Unlike last year when GSA almost cut all its communication with us, I will make sure that GSA will be communicating all important events, resources, opportunities (including awards and grants), and services effectively by continuing to publish Graduate Bulletin.
    • Aside from internal efforts, GSA will be fostering its partnership with external bodies to bring students better services. A primary goal is to develop a partnership with OC Transpo for updating their applications with live GPS data so that our students are not left in the cold weather for hours and do not miss their classes for the next year.
    • Under my leadership, GSA will be pushing toward active monitoring of available services to graduate students, especially health and counseling services. Many students who tried to use their services last year were shocked because instead of helping students to open up and share their concerns, they came up with statements such as “it is ok to cancel the session if you do not feel comfortable”. As a result, GSA’s active monitoring and evaluation of available services to graduate students is of significant importance. GSA will make sure that these counselors and other professionals are either pros or leave the campus since we, the graduate students, are paying for this.
    • In addition, GSA must push for building stronger relationships with potential off-campus partners for providing student discounts in different areas such as movie theatres, restaurants, pubs, mobile data plans, etc. Furthermore, GSA will be carrying out external fundraising events to access more financial resources for supporting students in all aspects of graduate studies.
    • Last but not least, I will definitely form a council of external and internal experts for reducing the operational costs of GSA since it is we, the graduate students, who are paying for this. Did you know the operational costs increased by almost 100% to approximately a total of $365k in the past year (leaving GSA in a budget deficit of almost $265k)? I will make sure that fees collected from students and GSA’s financial resources will be allocated and spent efficiently, after all, it is the money that graduate students are paying for.

Thank you for your time and support.

Farzam Kharvari

Milan Sanghani

I, Milan Sanghani, am an international student from India in the master’s of Entrepreneurship-Technology Innovation Management at Carleton University.

I am doing my second master’s here. Previously, I earned my master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, India, in 2015.

I am a founder of The ApplyDesk, an overseas education consultancy firm. Simultaneously, I am working as a Covid Screening Ambassador for cultural exposure. I am a team member of Ravens Sports Business School (RSBC) for corporate partnership.

As a GSA president, I will be working for the graduate student towards the following services:

    • Scholarships, awards, bursaries, and a student line of credit awareness and resources for domestic and international students.
    • Networking and employment opportunities
    • Mental health resources
    • Sports involvement for graduate students

If anyone has suggestions to improve the student experience at Carleton, feel free to be in touch with me.

Vote for us, vote for change.


Reza Sohrabi

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My name is Reza Sohrabi. I am a first-year doctoral student in sociology, and I am running for President with Team Action. I advocate for transparent engagement, access to mental support, and accountability. Since December 2022, I have been working as the VP-External in the GSA. In that capacity, I have worked with external organizations and communities to increase the GSA efforts in supporting students’ participations. Throughout my role as a VP-External, I worked with the Health Department to provide health facilities such as accessibility of booster shots on campus. Also, During the Ontario Lobby Week in late March, I lobbied and discussed students’ demands with Ontario MMPs. I spoke on behalf of the international students about their difficulties in covering international tuition fees and finding jobs during the post-pandemic. In all meetings, we made efforts to reduce tuition fees for all students in Ontario and asked MMP to prioritize these issues. If elected this year, I plan to improve the transparency of the GSA in order to endorse an inclusive university community. I will also do the following:

1. To provide the GSA budget transparent and more accountable for all graduate students.
2. To campaign for a decrease of international student tuition fees.
3. To increase collaboration and participation between departmental groups and the GSA.
4. To increase the engagement between student clubs and the GSA.
5. To provide more fundamental help and care to graduate students during the post pandemic time.
6. To advocate for more funding opportunities and GSA grants for all graduate students.
7. To advocate for indigenizing the campus and support all minority groups.

Vice-President Finance

Abhishek Khoyani

Why Abhishek Khoyani as your Vice President (Finance)!?? The role requires a friendly, easily approachable, and considerate human-being to represent the community as a whole.

I have experience of organizing events and volunteering as Sponsorship and Operational Head, leading the team of 60+ volunteers and raising INR 400 thousand. I learned to lead by example, motivating the team while practicing self-motivation at the same time. I also learned more about time and resource management, the art of persuasion, and a lot of other life skills. Three years of corporate job experience in one the best Technology Service provider gave me the true experience of real-world problems and provided me the opportunity to interact with higher management and clients. I’m also a Student Representative in ‘Board of Governors – Carleton University’. So, I’ll make sure our team has the solution of your ANY need.


Milan Sanghani: President

Navyashree K.: Vice President- External

Abhishek Khoyani: Vice President- Finance

Ishaan Nijjar: Vice President- Operations

Kanksha Patel: Vice President- Academic

Mohsin Ilyas: Senate

As a VP (Finance), I’ll make sure each student at Carleton has the best time and learns a lot, both academically and socially.

    • On campus Job Opportunity
    • Financial Aids for Emergency
    • Financial Aids for Post-Graduation Job/Market Readiness
    • On Campus Social and Cultural Activities
    • Better Networking opportunities

Being Canada’s Capital University, Carleton University has many international students including myself. I’ll try my best to fill the cultural gap they feel and provide the support they need in these unprecedented times.

Don’t Forget to VOTE FOR US in GSA Election – 2022 held on 13th-14th April,2022. Voting Link will be mailed to you in your Carleton Id. Please Share the words among your network and help us to serve you better.

Evans Boadi

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My name is Evans Boadi, I am a first-year Ph.D. Mathematics student. I am running for the Vice President Finance position with Team Action. I have been working with the Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Student Society (MSGSS) as Vice President External/Internal and held the position of Human Rights Officer for CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) 4600, Carleton University.
My engagement with GSA of my previous university as a vice president and my current VP (Vice President) position with MSGSS has given me an understanding of the challenges graduate students go through when it comes to funding their studies. This is where the VP Finance role comes in. As your VP Finance, you are not alone in funding your studies. I will focus on lobbying and advocating for grants, bursaries, and scholarships to be available for graduate students, especially international students. I will also seek to establish a strong relationship with the university, stakeholders, the province, and the federal government to advocate for better funding and grants to support graduate students at Carleton University.
As graduate students, one of our major priorities is the matter of health. I would lobby to have the health plan fee decreased so that every graduate student will have access to affordable health care.
I would like to encourage you to vote for Evans Boadi as Vice President Finance and vote for Team Action for the 2022/2023 academic year on April 13-14. Thank you.

Vice-President Operations

Faith Achile

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Faith Achile, a Graduate student studying Technology Innovation Management is passionate about proper administration and operations. This is evident in her past and present volunteer activities ranging from administering Non-Governmental Organizations to her current involvement as a Project Coordinator with the Carleton University Systems and Computer Engineering Society. She believes that with the right strategies in place the GSA could become a safe place where all graduate students feel seen and heard. She advocates for accountability, transparency, enhanced wellness, inclusion, and community building. Amongst many other things, she aims to achieve the following:

1. To promote the inclusion and participation of all graduate students in the GSA community regardless of location (i.e within and outside of Canada)
2. To amplify the voices of salient issues faced by graduate students and raise awareness through targeted campaigns for the needed support to be provided
3. To secure relevant partnerships for on and off campus job opportunities and set up more resources provided by the GSA that would be relevant to all graduate students within and outside Canada
4. To advocate for accountability and transparency in the GSA through constant communication with the community
5. To set up structures for knowledge transfer and networking within and between incoming and existing graduate students
6. To foster an active online presence of the GSA and position the community as a brand that all graduate students are proud to be associated with.

With Faith as VP-Operations, you can be rest assured of an active, inclusive, and transparent Graduate student Association where every voice counts! Vote Team Action as Executive council for the 22/23 Academic year!

Ishaan Nijjar

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a first-year MBA student at Carleton University ambitious to make an impact in the tech marketing space. I started off as a tech enthusiast a decade ago, spending my leisure time designing frameworks and running applications. My ambitions translated to full-time work alongside pursuing my engineering. Working in a competitive industry for 7 years, I have served as a Development Lead leading multiple teams trying to facilitate the process and comprehend stakeholder needs. Moreover, I founded Computech Foundation, back in 2016 aspiring to the underprivileged youth who want to excel in the computing sector. Our track record has peaked out at 40%, where students were able to get into relevant positions, enhancing their standard of living. Fast forward six years, I am now serving as the Executive Director of Sprott Student Consulting Group and as a Strategic Intern at Carleton University at Kanata. I have refined my skillsets and nurtured a learner’s mindset along the way, honing my business acumen. Hoping that I would bring some valuable contributions to the table, I sincerely hope that a deserving candidate may win.

Happy Voting!

Thanks and Regards,

Ishaan Nijjar

VP Operations Candidate

GSA Elections 2022

Vice-President External

Mohammed Nijim

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As a sociology Ph.D. student, Mohammed believes in initiatives that would bring to a higher level the relationships between Carleton University and other local as well as provincial organizations. He is keen to see a better and more inclusive representation of Carleton graduate students at all levels: local, provincial as well as international. In his capacity as a VP external, Mohammed will:

1. Host events for new/continuing students to acquaint them with their rights at Carleton, students issues, and other resources that can be useful throughout their journey.
2. Secure more funds and grants for our students through campaigns and communication with local and provincial organizations.
3. Find ways, in collaboration with other units at Carleton, to mitigate some technological barriers that have resulted from the recent pandemic.
4. Ensure that students have access to jobs on campus without discrimination.
5. Represent minority groups and advocate their rights to freedom of expression and speech on campus and beyond. This will occur in cooperation with our national student union, the Canadian Federation of Students.
6. Ensure that all students receive adequate support on a variety of local issues that they face on their graduate journey.
7. Support all programs that help students overcome equity, diversity, and mental health issues. Mohammed will ensure that all Carleton students have equal access to any campaigns.
8. Work with respective units at Carleton to ensure that our green space is preserved and well taken care of. Awareness campaigns about the cleanliness of our campus will be held too.
Mohammed came to Canada in 2018 as an international student and he is aware of many issues that international, as well as local students, might encounter during their graduate journey. He will always have some time for all students to listen to their issues and make sure that all concerns are addressed in a professional manner. Mohammed is cognizant of the massive difficulties that all students might come across, especially when they start their graduate school journey. He will employ all the power in his capacity to make sure that students receive the support they need.

Navyashree Krishnareddy

I am Navyashree, a GSA Vice-Presidential (External) nominee for 2022–23.

As a vice president (external relations), my strategy would be to enhance the university’s goals through a balanced set of activities designed to raise the university’s persona, develop strategic internal and external alliances, foster stakeholder engagement, and increase funding to meet the research and education objectives.

My interest in student governance began many years ago, when I wanted to improve the community around me, and it persists to this day. I see this as an opportunity to push the government harder on issues that concern the student body, which gives me the power to run things and achieve them, as I know that the students deserve affordable education, better support from the provincial and federal governments, especially for international students, and so many other changes that we must make.

This year, I have the privilege and honour of serving students as a vice president, a position that is supported by all levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal. I am confident that I will be a strong, effective, and dedicated leader.

Valuable feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and considered.

Please do not forget to vote for us on the 13th and 14th of April. 

Good luck with your exams.


Navyashree Krishnareddy

Vice-President Academic

Hande Uz Ozcan

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Hande is a second-year Communication Ph.D. student who started her courses in 2020 outside of Canada, arriving in Ottawa during the provincial stay-at-home orders; she realized that support mechanisms for graduate students are lacking. She believes that GSA has to have a post-Covid19 response strategy for graduate students to re-build the community and open up ways to peer academic support and accountability of all bodies.
As a candidate for VP-Academic, Hande is passionate about enhancing community belonging among graduate students and advocating finding solutions to students’ problems. In her capacity as VP-Academic, Hande will:

1. Revive Graduate Academic Caucus, and make GAC more visible, reachable, and a working body.
2. Stimulate social and intellectual engagement among graduate students by launching communication platforms.
3. Establish an academic support initiative between graduate students.
4. Make funding opportunities visible and advocate for them to be increased and diverse, i.e. mature students, BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ students.
5. Revive International Student Committee and create a hub for advocating international student problems regarding funding, tuition fees, scheduled breaks and PGWP.

Vote for Hande and her team Action. Please share this page with as many students as you can in your network. We will rejuvenate the community altogether!

Kanksha Patel

I, Kanksha Patel, am an international Masters student from India studying in the field of Electrical Engineering at Carleton university. Previously, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Indus University, Ahmedabad, India last year.

As a Vice president (Academic), I will be working for graduate student towards following services:

I believe my goals align with the most of the duties which are to defend, protect and promote the rights and interest of the students and provide them the best support and aide all their queries regarding their course of study and also the queries regarding different departments of the University

I am a very hardworking, passionate and resilient person. Being an International student this will give an exposure to put my capabilities into action. I have previously been into many leadership positions which made me an independent and a confident person altogether. Moreover, it will also be a great opportunity for my personal growth, working for the community and representing my University as a Vice President (Academic). I present my candidature to you all and request your support and wishes.

Senate of Carleton

Mohsin Ilyas

Hello Ravens,

I am Mohsin Ilyas, a Master of Engineering student from the Faculty of Engineering & Design and TIM Program at  Carleton University.

As the GSA-2022 elections approach, I am preparing to run for Senate this year, which requires a welcoming, sociable, and compassionate human being to represent the community as a whole. I previously served as Vice-President of Air Nexus (Air University) in my home country, and I have extensive experience working with Sprott School of Business, Innovation Hub, CuScreen, Carleton University Student Association (CUSA), and Unified Support Center (USC). Working as an Assistant Product Manager in the renowned manufacturing industry gave me the opportunity to polish my organizational, management, and leadership qualities while working with various teams.

As a Senate member, I am excited to represent GSA to Carleton University in terms of bylaws, policies, and portfolios. and participate in all GSA meetings in order to contribute to better services. Aside from that, I will communicate with each graduate department to better understand students’ needs and to create a better communication environment between departments and GSA. I will make sure that each student at Carleton has a great time and learns a lot, both socially and academically.

Carleton University, as Canada’s Capital University, has a large number of international students, including myself. I’ll do my best to bridge the cultural divide and provide the support they require in these unprecedented times. 

Don’t forget to VOTE  for a change in the GSA Election – 2022, which will be held on the 13th and 14th of April,2022. A link to vote will be emailed to you in your Carleton Id. Please spread the word among your contacts to serve you better.