Due to COVID-19 restrictions, voting for the 2022 election cycle were conducted entirely online.

Results of GSA Elections

What are the GSA Elections?

The Graduate Students’ Association Executive Committee represents 4,000 graduate students at Carleton University. They meet regularly with the administration, Graduate Studies, and other groups in service of graduate students. They also plan and collaborate on a variety of campaigns and events throughout the year. The elections is your opportunity to vote for candidates that will represent you through the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Elections 2022 Timeline Overview

  • March 29 (6pm) Question and Answer period / Townhall period – for people interested in running – information session.
  • March 29 – April 6 Nomination period – Nominations must be submitted by 4pm
  • April 6–14 – Campaign period
  • April 11 – Candidates meeting with council (Meeting)
  • April 13–14 – voting for the election
  • April 16 – results announced
  • April 20 – appeals (4-day timeline)

Every student will be emailed a ballot to their CMAIL emails through Carleton.

For more information, scroll down or contact Stojanche Gjorcheski, CEO, at ceo@gsacarleton.ca



GSA Election nomination form 2022

Consolidated Election Rules 2022