The GSA Election results are in. Winning candidates are highlighted in bold.

President: Chichi Ayalogu (Team Thrive)
Number of Votes
Yes 476
No 96
Abstain 170

Vice-President Finance: Hemant Gupta (Team Thrive)
Number of Votes
Yes 477
No 98
Abstain 167

Vice-President Operations:
Number of Votes
Kimberley Keller 306
Leah Wilson (Team Thrive) 261
Abstain 175

Vice-President External:
Number of Votes
Faranak Arabian (Team Thrive) 256
Hesam Farahani (Team Solidarity) 278

Abstain 208

Vice-President Academic:
Number of Votes
Nicole Lee 206
Victoria Asi (Team Thrive) 219
Nicole Ciza-Mugisha (Team Solidarity) 163
Abstain 154

Number of Votes
Deborah Okoth 532
Abstain 210

Graduate Faculty Board:
Number of Votes
Hayat El Fazani 440
Gold Onuchukwu 419

Abstain 214