Feb 10, 2020

The Graduate Students Association at Carleton University, along with the undersigned individuals and organizations belonging to the Carleton community call for the withdrawal of the RCMP from Wet’suwet’en territories and a peaceful resolution to the conflict currently taking place in British Columbia.

As members of the Carleton University community, we are fully committed to supporting Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination not only under Indigenous legal orders of the Wet’suwet’en, but also the Principles set out within the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as Article III of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We are concerned with the current and ongoing unchecked actions of the RCMP including setting up exclusionary zones on Wet’suwet’en territory, the forceful and violent removal of Indigenous land defenders, and the restriction of the free press on this matter.

Any further actions taken by the RCMP is a threat to reconciliation and the mending of relationships between Indigenous people and the canadian state. We, the undersigned, call on the RCMP to remove themselves from Wet’suwet’en territory. We additionally call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, BC Premiere John Horgan, and Minister of Justice and the Attorney-General David Lametti to meet with the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs to resolve this conflict.

Signed, (To sign the letter please fill out this google form )

GSA-Carleton Executive Team
Ashley Courchene, President
Jesse Whattam, VP Finance
Namrata Tilokani, VP External
Shalimar Woods, VP Operations
Hemant Gupta, VP Academic

Carleton University Students’ Association
Lily Akagbosu, President
Jacob Howell, VP Finance
Farook Al-Muflehi, VP Internal
Sisi De Flaviis, VP Student Issues
George Owusu-Mensa, VP Student Services
Jamie Laxton, VP Student Life

Kahente Horn-Miller, Associate Professor
Co-chair of Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee
Program Coordinator at Indigenous and Canadian Studies Department
School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies Department

Danika Billie LittleChild, Assistant Professor
Law and Legal Studies Department

Patricia McGuire, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
School of Social Work

Sebastien Mallette, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Law and Legal Studies Department

Bill Skidmore, Instructor
Institute of Disciplinary Studies (Human Rights & Social Justice)

Christiana Wilke, Associate Professor
Law and Legal Studies Department

Martha Attridge Butfon, Interdisciplinary Studies Librarian
MacOdrum Library, Carleton University

Benny Michaud, Assistant Director of Equity Services & Responsible for the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives

Eva Mackey, Professor
School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

Dr. Carmen Robertson, Full Professor
Canada Research Chair in North American Art & Material Culture

Mark Anderson, Professor
Department of History

John Kelly, Adjunct Research Professor
School of Journalism and Communications

CUPE 1281
Lyndall Musselman

CUPE 4600
Meg Lonergan
Pansee Atta

CUPE 2424
Jerrett Clark

CUSA Mawandoseg Centre

CUSA Womxn’s Centre

CUSA Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre

CUSA Racialized and International Student Experience Centre

CUSA Wellness Centre


Engineers without Borders Carleton
Connor Ruprecht

First Peoples Council
Gavin Woodburn, Co-Chair
Wolfie Wuttke-Stanton, Co-Char

Graduate Student Society for Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies (SALaDS)

Candace Kitchkeesick, Water Protector/Land defender

Cathy Agyemang, Cognitive Science, GSA-Carleton

Nathaniel Bruni, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, GSA-Carleton

Codie Fortin Lalonde, Ph.D Candidate and Contract Instructor
School of Linguistics and Language Studies, GSA-Carleton

Braden Phillipson, Public Policy and Administration, GSA-Carleton

Veronika Kratz, GSA Councillor

Kathlene Weary, CUSA President Elect

Tinu Akinwande, CUSA VP Student Issues Elect

Taryn Hepburn
Law and Legal Studies Department

Mohammad Akbar, Director of Communications

Kanatase Horn
Law and Legal Studies

Anna Hoefnagel
School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

Roni Gerrard
Social Work and Indigenous Studies

Deeya Devaiah
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rufes Stephen John Sundarraj
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hisham Al Khatib
English Department

Bridgette Desjardins, PhD Candidate
Law and Legal Studies Department

Molly Stollmeyer
Institute of Political Economy

Catherine Littlefield
Faculty of Public Affairs

Aliqa Illauq
Law and Legal Studies Department

Hanna Milne
Human Rights & Social Justice

Sandi Quesnel Malanka
School of Social Work

Kirstin Pulles
Bachelor of Global and International Studies

Melissa Pole
School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

Carmen Warner, Carleton University Senate Representative

Shawn Menard, Ottawa City Councillor & Carleton Alumni

Phil Robinson, Carleton Alumni

Camille Wait, Carleton Alumni